Creator of new Fit Football league in Preston wants to help all age groups rediscover the joy of sport

A sporting revolution is about to  be kickstarted  in Preston thanks to  a city coach's wish to play football again.
Paul Mountford (right) with fellow Fit Football coaches Craig Latham and Jon AtkinsonPaul Mountford (right) with fellow Fit Football coaches Craig Latham and Jon Atkinson
Paul Mountford (right) with fellow Fit Football coaches Craig Latham and Jon Atkinson

Paul Mountford’s new goal is to help men, of all ages, get fitter and healthier through five-a-side football.

Paul, who lives in Penwortham, has just set up a new five-a-side Fit Football league based at PlayFootball at Tulketh Community Sports College on Tag Lane, Ingol.

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With three coaches, himself, Craig Latham and Jon Atkinson and the aid of £700 funding from the Football Association, he now wants to encourage all ability levels back to the beautiful game.

He is using the funding to offer all Fit Footballers two months free membership. After that the not- for -profit charges will be £14.99 a month and £4.00 per session.

He said: “So far we have 35 people and are looking for 70 for a 12 team league. We’re affiliated with the F.A. as well - we have backing about what we’re trying to do.”

Paul, 34, coaches Penwortham Town Juniors where his two sons play and is proprietor of the New York Deli in Lostock Hall.

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He said being self-employed has enabled him to set up the new year round league which will play indoor and out.

Paul believes his new league will have wide appeal for those wanting to return to football, have fun getting fitter and possibly lose weight: "We don’t just look for people trying to lose weight we have all shapes and sizes . It’s all about overall health and social inclusion.“

He continued: “There are a lot of people wanting to play but can’t. They turn up to five-a-side leagues but people won’t let them join the team. When you get to a certain age it’s more of a pride thing as well - you don’t want to ask to be turned down. This league was designed for everybody. You can join on your own and we’ll put you in a team. We will bring back everyone who used to kick a ball about with their friends, out of retirement.”

Next month he plans to start a weekly session for people with learning disabilities and hopes that a women’s league can also be formed.There will be social events too.

The next training and team selection session is on September 29 from 9.30am to 10.30am. The league season starts on October 3.

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