CPS on Nigel Evans trial: ‘It was right all evidence was put before a jury’

The Crown Prosecution Service has defended the decision to put the case of Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans before a jury.

MP Nigel Evans
MP Nigel Evans

The former Commons deputy speaker has this afternoon been cleared of committing nine sexual offences against seven young men.

A CPS spokesman said: “The complainants in this case provided clear accounts of the alleged offending and it was right that all of the evidence was put before a jury.

“That evidence could only be fully explored during a trial and the jury has decided, after hearing all of the evidence, that the prosecution has not proved its case beyond reasonable doubt. We respect this decision.”

Police and the CPS have come under fire from Twitter users since the verdict was announced.

One user said: “Nigel Evans is not guilty. The case should never have been brought. Police and CPS have questions to answer.”

While another said: “So Nigel Evans is cleared. CPS really needs to properly think through its strategy on high profile cases.”

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