Couple spared jail after brick and baseball attack on neighbours

A woman, who attacked her godmother with a brick and her partner, who swung a baseball bat at the victim's boyfriend, have both been spared jail.
A couple have been given suspended sentences after launching a brick and baseball attack on neighboursA couple have been given suspended sentences after launching a brick and baseball attack on neighbours
A couple have been given suspended sentences after launching a brick and baseball attack on neighbours

Ella MacDermid (25) had raised the brick and lobbed it at 52 -year-old neighbour Juliette Robinson's head, after threatening to cave it in and calling her "mouthy."

The victim, who had been unloading her shopping, ducked and the brick missed her and smashed into her Volkswagen camper van, causing £500 damage.

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The violence, which erupted after a fall-out, was caught on CCTV, which was earlier played at Burnley Magistrates' Court.

MacDermid's partner, Kayleigh Atkinson (22) had swung the wooden bat at Juliette Robinson's partner, Craig Heyes and " jumped on him" when he was trying to stop the trouble on Langdale Road, Padiham, the court was previously told.

MacDermid and her partner had earlier been warned they could face jail when they were sentenced.

Each admitted possessing an offensive weapon and using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, MacDermid towards Juliette Robinson and Atkinson towards Mr Heyes.

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MacDermid, who has a record for battery, also pleaded guilty to common assault against her godmother and damaging the camper van, during the melee on Wednesday, April 5th.

On Wednesday, at Burnley Crown Court, MacDermid received a year in prison, suspended for 15 months, while her partner was given eight months in custody, suspended for 15 months.

The judge made the defendants, of Abingdon Road, Padiham, subject to an indefinite restraining order, banning contact, directly or indirectly, with Juliette Robinson. He also ordered the victim be paid £500 compensation.

Prosecutor Miss Charlotte Crane had earlier told the magistrates' court Juliette Robinson was best friends with MacDermid's mother before her death 12 months earlier.

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Both lived on Langdale Road and after her mother's passing, MacDermid moved into the property with Atkinson.

There was some ill -feeling and the relationship between MacDermid and Juliette Robinson broke down.

Miss Crane said Juliette Robinson told police she was at Padiham Tesco with Mr Heyes and they were just walking into the store as the defendants were leaving.

The prosecutor told the court that Miss Robinson said that MacDermid gave her a dirty look and said "Come on, i will have you outside."

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Miss Crane said: "She says she is used to this kind of behaviour because of the ill- feeling over the last 12 months and told her to shut up and go away. "

Juliette Robinson and Mr Heyes went into the store and the two defendants drove off.

Miss Crane said after doing her shopping, Juliette Robinson made her way back to Langdale Road, pulled up in the camper van and was unloading it when MacDermid appeared, carrying a brick and threatened " I'm going to cave your head in with this. You're all mouth."

The prosecutor continued: " She told her not to be silly. The lady was hiding behind the door of the van. "MacDermid then threw the brick. Juliette Robinson was able to dodge the brick and it missed her head but hit the rear of the van."

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Miss Crane told the hearing that Mr Heyes said at that point, the defendants were being verbally aggressive and shouting to him they were going to batter him. The altercation then died down but Atkinson returned with a baseball bat, swung it in his direction and jumped on him, more or less. He kept pushing her off.

Miss Crane went on: "He says she was continuously trying to pull him away and shouting at him, making various threats.

"She then came back with the baseball bat , threatened him and swung it above her head. "

The prosecutor said police were called and the defendants were told officers were on their way. She said when the defendants were questioned, MacDermid made no comment. Atkinson stated :" I did not see my partner being aggressive, throwing a brick or assaulting anybody."