Couple in midnight rescue from Pendle Hall

A couple lost on Pendle Hill were involved in a midnight rescue on Saturday.

Pendle Hill
Pendle Hill

The couple, who had walked to the summit from the Nick of Pendle, missed a path junction as they returned to their car and, as mist descended, ended up heading down Ogden Clough.

Realising their mistake, they climbed back to higher ground and called the emergency services.

The Rossendale and Pendle Mountain Rescue Team was called out and mobile phone communication was made between the couple and team leader Pete Goble. The couple gave a detailed description of where they had been walking and he was able to pinpoint a hasty search to that location.

The couple were located by the team members and were found to be cold but well enough to be guided from the hill. They were initially given warm coats before being led to safety, meeting further team members on the way down. They were escorted to the safety of the team vehicles and given warm drinks before being driven back to their own vehicles.

Pete said: “While the daytime temperatures are currently high, the evening and night temperatures are dropping enough to allow the mist to develop.

“The damp air, along with wind chill, means that hypothermia is still a real risk in the summer. We are glad that we were able to get to the couple quickly using our local knowledge and fast walking team members, preventing the couple from becoming casualties.”