Couple in court following Christmas attack on ex

A mother-of-two and her partner attacked the father of her children in the street at night after shouting abuse from an Audi, a court heard.
Burnley Magistrates Court.Burnley Magistrates Court.
Burnley Magistrates Court.

Jayne Wood (28) had jumped on Sam Peel’s back and punched him in the head after her boyfriend, chimney sweep Daniel Jarvis (31), had hit him in the face.

Burnley magistrates were told how the pair struck last December 18th, as the victim waited for a taxi in Colne. Wood had shouted the victim’s name from the vehicle, threatening: “Have a good Christmas. We are coming for you.”

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Wood, who has Aspergers Syndrome and Jarvis, her carer, had recently both been convicted of assault by beating after a trial in front of the justices. They had denied the allegation.

Wood, of Edward Street, Nelson, was given a 28-day curfew, between 8pm and 7am, seven days a week. Jarvis, of Harrison Drive, Colne, received a 12-month community order, with 100 hours unpaid work. Each must pay £50 compensation and £100 costs. The bench also made a two year restraining order, banning the couple from contacting the victim.

Eddie Harrison (prosecuting) said Mr Peel and Wood had had a two-year relationship, which ended in 2012. He would say the relationship was volatile, she was aggressive, they would argue and there were constant problems. Mr Peel had full custody of the children.

Mr Harrison continued: “He also says that 18 months to two years ago, the defendant Jayne Wood started a new relationship with Daniel Jarvis and, after that point, he received numerous threats towards him and there were a number of incidents involving his parents being intimidated. It was reported to the police.” Jarvis was given a harassment warning last October.

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The prosecutor said, last December 18th, the victim had been at a friend’s home and about 10pm was waiting for a taxi at the bottom of Knotts Lane. An Audi parked outside the corner shop and he heard Wood shouting to him. The vehicle was driven along the lane and then turned round and came back towards him. Jarvis opened the window and both defendants verbally abused Mr Peel. He continued: “Mr Peel said that was harassment and they should leave him alone. Daniel Jarvis got out of the Audi, punched him to the side of his face and both men were involved in a scuffle. Then Jayne Wood also joined in, jumped onto his back and punched him in the head. They both got into the Audi and drove away.”

The hearing was told in his victim personal statement, Mr Peel said: “I sometimes have sleepless nights and nightmares about the constant abuse I receive every time I bump into them. I simply want to be left alone.”

John Wright, representing both defendants, said Wood had chronic anxiety and depression and was under the care of the mental health team.

The couple reported a good relationship, but it had been difficult at times because Mr Peel had custody of the children. The solicitor continued: “It’s been an incredibly stressful time.”

The solicitor told the court: “Neither party accepts the allegation. I do envisage an appeal being lodged in the near future. Both vehemently deny the offence.”

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