Corrie birth scene leaves viewers marvelling at speed and toddler-sized newborn

Coronation Street viewers have complained on social media that a birth scene aired in Monday's episode was not realistic.
Who's a big baby then?Who's a big baby then?
Who's a big baby then?

The ITV soap welcomed a new addition for Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson), but the baby's dramatic arrival in a lift posed some questions for soap viewers.

Fans of the programme wondered why the character's labour was so quick, why the baby looked older than a newborn, and asked why there had been no umbilical cord to cut or placenta to deliver.

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Viewer @hazel8630 tweeted: "Waters break, and with one push out comes a toddler! Wow, what an unrealistic birth! Did she even take her knickers off?! #Corrie."

Another, @triciac475, wrote: "Well that was the cleanest and most mess-free labour and birth I've ever come across...fair play to you Leanne #Corrie #notpossible."

Those watching the episode were surprised by the size of the baby.

Viewer @garyetchells tweeted: "Did Leanne give birth to a 6 month old?? #bigbaby #Corrie @itvcorrie," and @Barbaraoshea7 added: "One push, no umbilical cord and the baby's about 3 months old. brilliant #corrie."

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On the lack of details, @backwithabump tweeted: "Do umbilical cords and placentas not exist in soapland? #Corrie."

Another viewer, @SloaneEzme, wrote: "That was the worst TV childbirth I've ever watched. If only it was that easy/quick/painless/clean/umbilical-cord-less/placenta-less #Corrie."

Even Danson and her husband agreed that Leanne had a remarkably quick labour.

Robert Beck tweeted: "Just watched the @RealJaneDanson wife give birth for the 3rd time..bit quicker than the first chance to open my pic'n'mix this time..."

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Danson replied to her husband: "Yeah leannes birth was a lot quicker."

However, one viewer praised the soap for not dragging the scene out - @NHSJude tweeted: "#Corrie many programmes drag out a birth scene, no need, we all know the reality!"

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