Cliviger designer Jane lands top job

A Cliviger designer has landed a top job with one of the world's largest towel manufacturers in China.

Thursday, 26th May 2016, 11:27 am

Building on Burnley’s proud textile heritage, Jane Louise Taylor, an international design and colour consultant designing for British, American and Asian textile manufacturers, has secured a job at Loftex China Ltd, based near Beijing.

Her new role as European design and marketing director will see her heading up the growth of the UK and European market, creating towel designs to meet the European retailer tastes, from her UK design studio in Burnley.

Jane said: “This is an amazing new challenge for me during the year when I’m celebrating my 25th anniversary as a global designer.

“I’ve worked with many clients across the world, designing for high end brands including Chanel and Christian Dior.

“With 25 years’ experience designing ribbons and broadcloth for manufacturers for well-known brands including Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, Bloomingdales, Macys, Zara Home, Carrefour, Target and Victoria’s Secret, this is an exciting new challenge and adventure for me.

“I’ve recently returned from the towel factory in Beijing which is literally the size of a large town, where I presented to a huge floor of managers and designers. It is a totally new culture to experience and I’m looking forward to designing for their European markets.”

Sarah revealed how she recently turned down a job offer in New York because she wanted to concentrate on her new design studio in Burnley.

She said: “I am proud to host my international clients from my design studio here in Burnley, and will soon be hosting a group of esteemed guests from China who I’m sure will be pleasantly surprised at how characterful and lovely the area is.”