Clarets fan’s ‘excessive celebration’ triggered derby day arrest

A Clarets fan and RAF mover was arrested for “excessive” celebrations during Burnley’s historic derby day victory over rivals Blackburn Rovers.
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Joshua Thomas Bramwell (23) was held as he celebrated Danny Ings’ winning goal at Ewood Park, Blackburn magistrates’ heard.

The defendant, based at RAF Northholt, failed to calm down after the Clarets striker put Burnley 2-1 up in the crunch Championship clash and he was thrown out of the ground.

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But when police officers told him he would not be allowed back in he said: “I was just celebrating a goal, this is a joke. “You lot think you are hard but you are not stopping me going back in.”

Catherine Allan (prosecuting) said it was sad that uniformed officers should be subjected to abuse simply for doing their job.

“It is particularly sad when it comes from someone who serves in the RAF,” said Miss Allan.

“He perhaps should have more respect for officers doing a difficult job in a difficult situation.”

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Bramwell, of Pinners Close, Ramsbottom, pleaded guilty to using threatening or abusive words or behaviour or disorderly behaviour. He was fined £230 with £105 costs.

The magistrates declined to make a football banning order saying they did not think it was necessary or proportionate.

The chairman told Bramwell: “Behaviour like yours can incite the rest of the crowd. The police officers are public servants doing their job and your insults were repeated.

“We note the character reference from the RAF but there does appear to be an anger management issue in your case. For the sake of your career you need to keep a lid on your temper.”

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Miss Allan said the rivalry between the two clubs meant extreme measures had to be put in place to police the game.

She said when Burnley scored a second goal in the second half a number of fans surged forward and climbed netting separating them from Blackburn fans.

“The defendant celebrated excessively and failed to calm down and return to his seat when asked to by stewards,” said Miss Allan.

“When police removed him from the ground he was told to go to his coach and wait and that was when he became aggressive.”

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Miss Allan said Bramwell had a caution for resisting a police officer in 2010 and had also received a penalty notice for a similar offence. In June 2013 he was dealt with for an offence of assault at an RAF summary hearing in the Falkland Isles when he was fined £500.

Dylan Bradshaw (defending) said his client was a senior aircraftman based at RAF Northolt. A reference from his employers referred to his “diplomacy and tact” in dealing with “heads of state, the Royal Family and ministers of the Government.”

“You have before you a young lad serving his country with distinction who perhaps lost his sense of perspective, got over excited and was rude to a police officer,” said Mr Bradshaw.

“He is not the kind of person Football Banning Orders were designed for. They were designed for football hooligans and he is not one of those. He is a young man who was caught up in the fervour of the moment.

“This was a period in his life when he acted like an idiot and it should be judged in the context of everything else he has done in his life,” said Mr Bradshaw.