Children paid £5,000 to help with household chores

The average British child will receive over £5,000 in pocket money over the course of their childhood for helping out with spring cleaning chores, new research has revealed.
Which household chore do you hate the most?Which household chore do you hate the most?
Which household chore do you hate the most?

Generous parents are forking out £400-a-year to each of their kids for their help with chores around the house, paying an average of £7.70-a-week in pocket money.

A study of parents with children aged three to 16, part of the Dance Your Place Clean campaign from Flash and Viakal, has revealed the top ways that Brits motivate their children to get involved in spring cleaning.

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The campaign partnered with Kimberly Wyatt to show how you can literally dance your way through dirt and grime during this year’s spring clean and make it fun for the whole family.

Sixty per cent of respondents revealed they tempt their money-savvy kids with financial gain if they help out around the house, while 44 per cent admit to bribing them with their favourite treat.

P&G Marketing Manager Nikita Ganich said: “While it can be tough to motivate kids to help out with household chores, it is encouraging to see parents finding ways to include their kids in the big spring clean.

“By getting the whole family involved, and with the help of the right music, the right cleaning products, a touch of bribery or even dancing, it’s possible to turn the dreaded spring clean into a fun family activity.”

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According to the survey, a whopping 87 per cent of parents listen to music while they go about the weekly clean.

Fifty four per cent say a good tune helps to make the task at hand more enjoyable while 47 per cent like having something to sing along to while they work.

Thirty per cent are happy to settle for listening to the radio while 18 per cent will go for their favourite pop hits to help them find their rhythm.

Two thirds of parents have even found themselves breaking into a dance as they complete their chores.

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Modern kids earn 54 per cent more pocket money than their parents did when they were their children’s age.

Despite the high amount, a cheeky 6 in 10 kids today have tried to negotiate a better pocket money pay-out from their parents

While parents across the country are working hard to make spring cleaning a more enjoyable experience, not everyone is easily convinced.

According to the study, one in four children (25 per cent) would voluntarily forfeit their TV time to escape helping out, while 18 per cent resort to hiding around the house to avoid their parents’ gaze.

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One in 5 children simply shirk their duties each time they’re asked.

Shockingly, a fifth of devious parents (20 per cent) have had their child complete a bothersome chore, only to pass the handiwork off as their own.

Enterprising kids looking to maximise their earning power around the house should aim to get involved in washing the car, which is the best-paid chore at £1.55 per clean.

Failing that, clearing the gutters and tidying the garage are the next best options, earning an average of £1.23 and £1.22 respectively.

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In a poll of the worst chores to complete during a spring clean, cleaning the bathroom came top as the biggest bore, followed by tackling a pile of ironing.

“It’s unlikely that scrubbing the oven will ever be seen as an enjoyable task but it’s great to know households around the UK have been breaking out their best dance moves while they clean their homes to make things a little more fun”, Ganich added.

Top 5 Chores We Dread the Most:

1. Cleaning the bathroom

2. Tackling a pile of ironing

3. Clearing out gutters

4. Washing the windows

5. Clearing the garage

Top 10 Best Paid Childhood Chores

1. Washing the car 1.55

2. Clearing the gutters 1.23

3. Clearing the garage 1.22

4. Washing the carpet/laminate floors 1.13

5. Washing the windows 1.09

6. Clearing the attic 1.08

7. Doing the ironing 1.08

8. Doing the laundry 1.05

9. Sorting old possessions for charity shops/the dump 1.01

10. Cleaning the bathroom 0.99