Cheers! Turf Moor offers Burnley fans cheapest Premier League pint

Burnley and Huddersfield offer the cheapest pint of beer for Premier League football fans, with Chelsea the most expensive, according to a study.
Clarets are able to buy a pint at Turf Moor for 3.20Clarets are able to buy a pint at Turf Moor for 3.20
Clarets are able to buy a pint at Turf Moor for 3.20

A pint costs fans £3.20 at Turf Moor, compared with £4.80 at Stamford Bridge, research by betting firm OddsMonkey found.

Cardiff City Stadium has the most expensive mark-up, with a pint in the ground costing £4.30 - £1.30 more than the average price in the city centre.

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Arsenal and West Ham's grounds are cheaper than heading to local pubs, saving fans 3p if they drink in the stadium - both £3.90 in the grounds, said the report.

The research also found that many pubs close to football grounds do not serve fans of opposition teams.

Peter Watton of OddsMonkey said: "It was no surprise that the price of a pint in Burnley's centre is considerably cheaper than the prices in London.

"However, what was surprising to us was the amount of pubs that don't accept away supporters and how difficult it is to find somewhere that does."

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The cheapest town/city pint was also found in Burnley, at £2.20, followed by Huddersfield (£2.55) and Wolverhampton (£2.77), while the most expensive were in pubs close to Crystal Palace, Chelsea and Fulham (all £4), followed by West Ham, Arsenal and Spurs (£3.93).