Car crushed as house wall collapses in Burnley

These images show the dramatic collapse of a house wall in the middle of the night on a residential street in Burnley.

A parked car was almost crushed by bricks and rubble after the gable end collapse on Longsdale Street/Barry Street.

The incident happened just after midnight. Emergency services, including the police and fire crews attended. Luckily, no one was injured in the incident.

Neighbours heard a loud bang and went out to help. One of the nearby residents said: "We heard a loud bag and thought there had been a serious car crash. We went out to help and found the house wall had collapsed and bricks everywhere."

The scene just after midnight. Photo credit Paul Yates

It is believed the house is owned by an elderly lady who was taken away for her safety.

The road remained closed all night. Highways officers from Lancashire County Council are at the scene today (Sunday) clearing the rubble and making the area safe.

Fire crews attend the incident. Photo credit Paul Yates
The road remains closed off. Photo credit Paul Yates
Officials from Lancashire County Council are at the scene this morning. Photo credit: Paul Yates