Can you solve Thomas Whitham family mystery?

The twin granddaughters of Burnley VC hero Thomas Whitham have appealed for the public's help in solving a family mystery.

Mrs Patricia Brewster and her sister Jacqueline Doughty never saw their father Arnold Wade after he divorced from their mother Jenny in 1948, but believe he may be present in an old family photograph that has recently come into their possession.

The family lived in Burnley in the 1940s but moved away shortly after.

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Their mother was the granddaughter of Burnley First World War hero Thomas Whitham who received the Victoria Cross for bravery.

Mrs Brewster, who now lives in Worcestershire, said: “My parents split up when my sister and I were five-years old, but sadly we never saw him again.

“Our mother wouldn’t allow us to speak about him and so we never knew anything about him or what happened to him. Recently a friend of the family decided to look into our ancestry, and a very interesting family photograph came to their attention.

“It appears to be the wedding picture of our father’s brother Harry Wade. We believe our father could even be in this picture.

“We are quite excited at this find, as we have wondered for years what happened to our father.”

If anyone has any information about Arnold Wade they can call Mrs Brewster on 01386 561666.

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