Callous burglar steals life savings from home of elderly widower in Nelson

Ken Rogers
Ken Rogers
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An elderly RAF veteran has been left devastated after being conned out of his life savings in a callous distraction burglary at his home.

Widower Mr Ken Rogers (78) opened the door of his home in Nelson last Wednesday to a man claiming to have done repair work to his roof two months previously.

While in the house, the man asked Ken if he could use his toilet and promptly stole £7,000 in cash rolled up in a sock that had been left by his late wife.

The incident has so shocked and upset Ken's neighbours that one has decided to set up a fund-raising page.

Keeley Chapman, who has been a neighbour of Ken's for 10 years, said: "Ken is a lovely man, and I was so upset when I heard what happened to him. Ken was in a blind panic when he realised what had happened. He rang a few of his neighbours who told him to call 999.

"The money stolen was pretty much Ken's life savings. I decided to set up a fund-raising link on my Facebook page to try and get some money back for Ken. It would mean so much to him. Ken is like family to me. He is a lovely man who always tries to cheer people up. He doesn't deserve this."

Ken, an avid Clarets fan, worked on the turnstiles at Turf Moor in his younger years, as well as having a variety of jobs including serving in the RAF.

To donate to Ken visit here

Police have confirmed they are investigating the theft. The intruder has been described as aged around 40, with a local accent and a portly belly. He was wearing a black hat with a white logo when the incident took place on Wednesday, January 2nd, at around 1pm.

Anyone with information can call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.