Call for action to end constant flooding on Nelson road

Fed-up homeowners who have seen their gardens constantly flooded in Nelson after just moderate rainfall have been backed by the leader of Pendle Borough Council who has demanded that Lancashire County Council takes action.

A recent scene of Reedyford Road
A recent scene of Reedyford Road

Residents in Reedyford Road have suffered from flooding issues after just a small amount of rainfall for around two years but the situation has still not been resolved by the highways authority, Lancashire County Council.

Pendle Council leader Coun. Mohammed Iqbal said it was unacceptable that nothing had been done to ease the flooding issue in Reedyford Road, despite the county's cabinet member for Highways visiting the site only a few months ago.

He said: "Despite the cabinet member for Highways seeing the serious problem at first hand over six months ago, the county council is blaming the nearby land owners for the problem.

"This is a very busy road used by local people and gardens in nearby properties are constantly flooded after a small amount of rain. I have once again written to Lancashire County Council demanding they undertake any works and bill the land owners. How much longer will local people have to suffer?"

It is believed the flooding is being caused by a blocked culvert on the former John Wilman wallpaper factory site, which the county council and United Utilities have now gained access to.

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: "The flooding problems in this area are caused by the blockage of a culverted water course on the former John Wilman site off Reedyford Road.

"Our road drains in this area of Reedyford Road discharge into the adjacent water course via this culvert, and the blockage means the water can't drain away, which causes flooding.

"United Utilities carried out a detailed investigation in November and we are now working closely with United Utilities and Pendle Borough Council to identify options for a solution, in order to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

"Measures are in place to warn road users, and we will continue to monitor the risk of property flooding and provide assistance to residents if necessary."