Burnley woman’s shock as dad’s ashes stolen

A Burnley woman is appealing for the return of her father and step-father’s ashes which were stolen from a house in Branch Road last Friday night.
Burnley CrematoriumBurnley Crematorium
Burnley Crematorium

Thieves broke into the house while owner Joanne Morris was away and stole Christmas presents, X-Boxes and the family’s television.

They also took the ashes of her father, Fred Blackburn, who died in 2010, and step-father John Hamilton, who died in 2009, which were kept in brown boxes in the electricity cupboard.

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Sister-in-law Karen Bradshaw was looking after the house and said: “They stole everything but most were just material possessions.

“I rang Joanne about the break-in and she asked me to check the electricity cupboard and was devastated when she heard the ashes were not there.

“They are the only items she obviously can’t replace. They are in brown boxes with their names on the front.

“We have been searching the streets to see if they have been discarded but had no luck as yet.

“We ask anyone who has them to drop them off at Burnley Wood Community Centre with no questions asked and the same for anyone who may find them.”

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