Burnley tops self-harm league

Desperate girls have put Burnley at the top of a league for self harm.

A report by the Lancashire Safeguarding Children Board says self harm rates give rise for concern as they are significantly above the national average.

The board highlights that Burnley, and neighbouring Pendle, are in the “top 50” most deprived boroughs in England according to the Index of Multiple Deprivation 2010.

Emergency hospital admissions for self-harm increase as deprivation increases, with Burnley General Hospital having the highest rates in Lancashire.

Across the region analysis by Child and Maternal Health Intelligence showed self harm data rates for girls are 3.7 times higher than boys. Attendances at A&E are highest from 10pm to 1am between Saturday and Monday.


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The Safeguarding Children Board also examined why children are in social care. Currently, in Burnley, 220 youngsters are not at home.

187 were removed because of abuse or neglect, 16 came from dysfunctional families, seven from families in acute stress, one because of illness or disability, two through absent parenting, five because of parental illness or disability and two through socially unacceptable behaviour.

The figure for Pendle is 177. Of those 142 were for abuse or neglect, 20 from dysfunctional families, seven from families in acute stress, seven through parental illness/disability and one for socially unacceptable behaviour.