Burnley police praise public for lockdown compliance – but warn they will take action where necessary

A Burnley police chief has thanked the public for resisting the temptation to travel outdoors so far this Easter weekend.
An empty Towneley Park eariler todayAn empty Towneley Park eariler today
An empty Towneley Park eariler today

Insp. Chris Valentine posted a photo of an empty Towneley Park from earlier today, with a message asking people to spare a thought for the thousands of NHS staff currently working.

He said officers had been instructed to engage with anybody breaching the rules, and explain to them the impact their behaviour could be having.

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However, he warned they would enforce restrictions where absolutely necessary.

He said: "I would like to thank everyone for listening to the guidelines set out by the Government and staying inside unless it’s for exercise or essential travel.

"Whilst the warm weather and long weekend may make it tempting for people to venture out and meet with friends and family please spare a second to think of the thousands of NHS staff who are having to work.

"They are spending 12 hours a day inside working on wards surrounded by people with the virus. They are literally putting their lives at risk to help save others. The only requirement from everyone else is that you simply stay inside. Please don’t be selfish and be tempted to break the rules.

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"My teams across Burnley and Pendle have been instructed to engage and explain to people breaching the rules to try and get them to understand the impact they can have during these unprecedented times.

"However, where absolutely necessary we can and will enforce the restrictions using the powers available to us.

"Believe me when I say we would much rather no one put us in this position. Thank you again and stay safe."