Burnley mum's inspirational book project inspires hundreds of children to get reading

Mum-of-two Sue Wilson is hoping others across the country will take a leaf out of her book and encourage more children to get reading.
Oliver Kay is ready to hide more books for the Burnley Look for a Book projectOliver Kay is ready to hide more books for the Burnley Look for a Book project
Oliver Kay is ready to hide more books for the Burnley Look for a Book project

Sue was inspired to launch Burnley Look for a Book after a holiday to St Bee's in Cumbria with her two sons, Archie (11) and 10-year-old Oliver Kay.

The boys' imagination was sparked when they found a book hidden on the beach for youngsters to find, read and then either re-hide or hide one of their own books for another child to find.

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Sue, who lives in Rosegrove,, said: "We thought it was a fantastic idea and wanted to do it when we came home.

"I set up a page on facebook and within just two days we had 430 members, the response has been fantastic."

To start the project off Sue and her boys hid 30 books at parks across Burnley, for children to find each with a hand written message from Archie and Oliver who both attend St Augustine's RC Primary School in Burnley.

Whoever finds the books is then invited to post on the facebook page to say they have found it and they are then invited to hide their own books and drop a few clues as to where they may be hidden.

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Sue said: "We never expected the scheme to take off like it has but the children seem to be as excited about hiding the books as they do about finding them.

"The aim of this is to bring some excitement and encourage children to enjoy reading as many books as they can and it also gets them out into the fresh air."

So far books have been hidden at Thompson Park, Towneley Park and Faraday Street park in Burnley andf Padiham's Memorial Park.

And the project is environmentally friendly too as the books are placed in clear plastic re-sealable food bags that can be re-used and also protect the books from the elements.

Sue has been inundated with offers of books and she is also hoping a number of local businesses may get on board with the scheme.

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