Burnley MP Antony Higginbotham column: Time to restore trust in politics

It was incredibly humbling on December 12th to be elected as the Member of Parliament for Burnley, with local voters putting their trust in me and the Conservatives for the first time in 109 years.

And I recognise that for many, voting for me and the Conservatives was a leap of faith.

What was clear during the election campaign was that people want to see Brexit done because it has dragged on for too long, draining the country and limiting our ability to look at other important issues.

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That's why I was delighted when the first vote I took part in as your MP was a vote to deliver Brexit. And by the end of this week, when you read this article, I along with my colleagues in the House of Commons will have passed the Brexit deal and the UK's departure from the EU will be on course for 31st January.

Delivering one of the key promises of the election manifesto I stood on and beginning the task of restoring trust in politics.

My role as your MP does not end with Brexit though, because there is still much to do.

Over the last few weeks I have met with Ministers from across government to talk about our priorities in Burnley and how we can deliver real change - from the extra investment I want to secure for the NHS, to getting the local economy booming. These things will not come overnight but over the course of this Parliament I will be working tirelessly to deliver on those priorities and repay the trust put in me.

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The other message that I heard clearly on the doorstep was that local voters want a visible MP - someone who is out in the community they were elected to represent making a real difference. And I will be that person. So if you run a community group, own a small business, or are passionate about a local issue please do come and tell me about it so I can help by being your ambassador, shining a light on the work you do and being your voice in Westminster.

We all want to see Burnley, Padiham and our local villages as vibrant communities and I fully intend on playing my part in making that happen with your support.