Burnley horse charity's 'Game of Thrones' inspired rescue mission

Burnley's Horses and Ponies Protection Association has provided a fairytale ending to three rescued horses.

Completely unhandled, suffering from a severe lice infestation and extremely underweight, an orphaned yearling and a mare and daughter are now receiving specialised care at HAPPA’s Centre, Shores Hey Farm based in Burnley.

Following the recent ending of Game of Thrones, HAPPA has named the horses after characters from the series – Khaleesi, Sansa and Arya.

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Laura Brown, HAPPA’s equine development officer, said: “Their previous owner had failed to provide sufficient care for these poor young horses.


"Now in the safety of the charity there is hope for these adorable characters. The team will give them the care and attention needed to transform into strong warriors ready for their ultimate victory - a Forever Home.

"After a long journey to Shores Hey Farm they have settled into our Isolation and Assessment Unit well. They have received a medical assessment from our vets and are receiving appropriate treatment.

"It will take a number of weeks to build their confidence and trust following their previous feral ‘wildling’ existence.

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"HAPPA staff are huge Game of Thrones fans and it only seemed fitting to rewrite the ending for some of our favourite characters.

"The charity’s collaborative approach with other welfare agencies ensures that we can continue to help more horses, ponies and donkeys in need. We can provide a brighter future, giving them an opportunity to thrive through our rehabilitation process, with the end result being a 'second chance' in a Forever Home."

HAPPA is hoping for a victorious outcome, but will need public support to get them there.

If anybody would like to donate to the care of Khaleesi, Sansa and Arya, they can call the team on 01282 455992 or visit www.happa.org.uk/donate .

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