Burnley gyms reminded not to forget TV Licence

TV License reminder
TV License reminder
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With more than 15 gyms across Burnley expecting to welcome new members this month, TV Licensing is reminding fitness clubs owners to check if they are correctly licensed for the year ahead.

Any gym or leisure centre that allows customers, staff or visitors to watch live TV programmes on any channel, or download or watch BBC iPlayer whilst they exercise, must be covered by a TV licence.

Matthew Thompson, TV Licensing spokesperson, said: “Watching live TV while getting fit can be a great motivator but it’s really important that gyms owners buy a TV licence if they are offering live TV viewing or BBC iPlayer to customers.

“If they are caught without a licence, it is a criminal offence and could lead to a prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.”

Any customers watching live TV on their own devices, such as mobile phones, are covered as long as they have a TV Licence at home.

It’s not only gyms that need to ensure they’re correctly licenced. Any business that offers live TV viewing on their premises must be covered by a licence which costs £150.50 and can be purchased at www.tvlicensing.co.uk or by calling 0300 780 6071.