Burnley General Election 2019: Stewart Scott – Brexit Party

We were asked to make a decision in 2016 and we gave a clear answer.

Monday, 9th December 2019, 4:51 pm
Updated Monday, 9th December 2019, 4:53 pm

For three and a half years we’ve been insulted, ridiculed and ignored.

The establishment parties have used project fear to try and change our minds and when that didn’t work, they started dictating what sort of Brexit we could have.

I’m standing for the Brexit Party to represent ordinary people who have been let down for decades by the political class. We need to get MPs elected to burst the Westminster bubble and expose what really goes on, just as our MEPs have done.

Stewart Scott

Voting to leave the EU was a clear signal that people wanted radical change.

We are the only Party who want that, the only Party that can and will deliver it.

The three main parties in Burnley want to frighten voters to keep voting for them to maintain the status quo, but if you want change, you need to be bold and vote for it.

We aren’t just about Brexit either, unlike the others who make manifesto promises to attract votes, then renege on them, we have made a contract with the people, covering political reform, massive infrastructure investment payable with the Brexit dividend, pragmatic ideas to help businesses, large and small, to create growth and jobs.

The Boris deal is BRINO (Brexit in name only) nobody in the Conservatives can tell me apart from a hard border down the Irish sea (which they pledged they would never do) what is different to Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement which as we know is the worst deal in history.

We want a police force that’s visible not just on match days, an NHS that’s properly funded, staffed and more importantly properly managed.

All in all, we are the party of common sense.

* Today, the Burnley Express is publishing messages from each of the seven candidates looking to secure your support at the ballot box.