Burnley couple overwhelmed by public's support

Ryan and Chloe enjoying their honeymoon before Ryan became ill
Ryan and Chloe enjoying their honeymoon before Ryan became ill
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A brave cystic fibrosis sufferer and his new wife have landed safely back home after their dream honeymoon to Florida turned into a nightmare.

Former St Theodore’s RC High pupil Ryan Salmon (32) was hospitalised in Orlando with a chest infection – a stay which landed him and wife Chloe (23) with a $38,000 medical bill, which his insurance company are refusing to pay out.

The worrying dilemma prompted Ryan’s sister Claire Layfield to set up a GoFundMe page, which has since raised £11,000 including a £3,000 donation from an old school friend of Ryan’s.

Ryan, who is believed to have picked up a chest infection which exacerbated his cystic fibrosis, required oxygen, drips, nebulisers and steroids while receiving respiratory care from specialist nurses.

The couple are now back home in Brunshaw, grateful for the generosity they have already received from friends and family in Burnley and beyond.

Claire said: “I collected them from the airport at 5-30am on Wednesday. They were obviously shattered but relieved to be back home and see some familiar faces.

“They had been enjoying their honeymoon until Ryan became ill and then they had all the stress of the hospital stay and the medical bill.

“Ryan had to then go for an appointment at Wythenshawe Hospital and will find out later if he has to have a stay over in the near future.

“The whole family is still very grateful for all the kindness we’ve received.”

The couple must still find thousands of pounds to pay the American medical bill, an experience Claire said she hoped would not be repeated by other UK families in the future.

A spokesman for third party insurers Yorkshire Bank said: “The customer has previously been in touch with the insurer and the matter has only now been brought to Yorkshire Bank’s attention. We are currently looking into the details of the case and will be in touch with the customer as quickly as possible.”

Anyone wishing to donate can visit https://www.gofundme.com/ryan039s-treatment-fund