Burnley Council helps business owner plagued by "horrible" littering epidemic

A local business owner plagued by persistent litterbugs has thanked Burnley Borough Council for clearing away the discarded rubbish and agreeing to install a much-needed bin in the area.

Thursday, 21st March 2019, 2:46 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st March 2019, 3:53 pm
Some of the rubbish outside Imran's business.

Imran Hashmi, who runs the website design and printing company Web & Print Media, had been faced with consistent issues with litter being thoughtlessly dropped outside his place of work on Hebrew Road in the town, with everything from milk bottles and takeaway containers to crisp packets and plastic bags left strewn across the pavement.

Growing dispirited by the "horrible scene" which faced him every morning as he entered his shop, Imran contacted Streetscene, the council's dedicated team which works to keep the borough "clean, green, and safe" who said that despite overwhelming demand, they would install a bin on his street at the soonest possible time in May of this year.

Additionally, the council send a road sweeping vehicle along Hebrew Road to clean away the debris, with Imran saying: "I am really grateful to all those who paid attention to this problem which was affecting our businesses and overall well-being of residents in this area. This morning there was a lot of rubbish like every other day but a cleaning vehicle came, so I sent a thank-you email.

Before and after shots of Hebrew Road.

"I would like to thank Streetscene and anyone who contributed to the resolution of this problem, especially Councillor Saeed Chaudhary and Councillor Shah Hussain, who visited my business place few times; Gordon Birtwistle; Councillor Mark Townsend; and Councillor Andrew Newhouse," Imran added.