Burnley centre resident faces parking dilemma

A resident of Burnley town centre is furious that he can't park his car.

Tuesday, 31st May 2016, 3:20 pm
Double yellow lines.

Adam Sheikh (20) lives on Hammerton Street and has recently bought a vehicle after passing his test - however he has nowhere to park it.

“I passed my driving test and purchased a car and then found myself in a predicament as I had nowhere to park,” said Adam, who lives with his girlfriend who also has a car and the same problem.

“I approached Burnley Council and explained I wanted a residential parking permit as the council owned the car park at the rear of my property. They explained that was not for residential parking and there is no local resident parking adjacent to Hammerton street .

“They said contact the Highways Agency who explained the same.

I pay council rates, I pay road tax and also pay an extortionate insurance premium which requires I park ‘near’ my home address. I feel this is wrong.”