Burnley care home nurse faces misconduct claim

A NURSE is facing a string of professional misconduct charges relating to care of residents at a Burnley nursing home.


Bilquees Akhtar, who worked at the Grove Care Home in Rosegrove in 2010, has seen 12 different allegations made against her.

The registered nurse was said to have forced medication into the mouth of one resident and left another out of reach of her emergency buzzer allegedly saying: “You have done this to yourself, you have put yourself on the floor, you can do more than you are letting on.”

She will face a fitness to practice hearing before the Nursing and Midwifery Council in London, starting on Monday.

Akhtar is accused of refusing requests to assess one resident from care assistants and attempted to administer medication without reviewing the resident’s medication chart at all in November 2010. She is said to have tried to put medication in his mouth against his will and shouted at the resident.

A second resident was said to have been pushed outside in her just her night clothes by Akhtar who is also accused of failing to carry out any observations on the resident after she had a fall.

Akhtar is accused of failing to assess a third resident in a timely manner when they required urgent assessment. She was also said to have failed to promptly advise paramedics called to treat the resident whether or not there was a “Do Not Resuscitate Order” in place.

She is accused of only administering half of the prescribed dosage of insulin to a fourth resident and failed to inform a doctor that he was refusing to take his full prescription of insulin.

Accusations say that a fifth resident was not checked adequately by Akhtar for injuries after she had fallen on the floor. She is alleged to have said to a woman called “Ms A” words to the effect that she should “ignore her [resident], get her up off the floor and onto the bed, you’ll get no sense from her.”

Akhtar is alleged to have failed to immediately attend a sixth resident who was an insulin-dependant diabetic and found to be “pale and sweaty”.

The nurse is also accused of telling another seventh resident her husband was a “pig” and shouted in the face of an eighth resident to “take her pills”.

She is also alleged to have been heard calling colleagues names.