Burnley brewery creates a Royal Wedding ale

Award-winning Moorhouse’s Brewery in Burnley has rolled out a special Royal Appointment ale to celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The brew is on sale around Lancashire’s pubs for the big day on tomorrow.

Golden in colour, the brewer says it has “a fresh pine and citrus aroma, with a fruity mouth feel, a touch of spice and hoppy after-taste from Styrian Goldings and Mount Hood hops”.

The beer is brewed to a medium strength (3.9%abv) to “ensure you miss nothing of the long April bank holidays”. It is one of the first special brews since a new multi-million pound tower brewery was commissioned late last year, allowing the famous Pendle Witches brewer to expand its range of beers.

Managing director Mr David Grant said: “With a touch of fruity spiciness we are confident this ale will match the mood for the wedding cheer. We aimed to provide an outstanding beer at moderate strength to sustain cask ale fans throughout the celebrations and our brewers have produced a right royal cracker.”