Burnley brain boxes beat TV's Eggheads at their own game

The Eggheads and their Burnley challengers (seated)The Eggheads and their Burnley challengers (seated)
The Eggheads and their Burnley challengers (seated)
A team of Burnley brain boxes beat television's acclaimed 'Eggheads' at their own game on the popular BBC Two show.

The victorious quizzers were one of a select handful of challengers from the public to beat the team of general knowledge gurus in the quiz show’s 14 year history, as the nation discovered when the programme was broadcast last week.The “Burnley Is Babylon” team, made up of friends Kieron Preston, Les Bennyness, Andy Molloy, Brodie Doyle and James Wilson, saw off their famous rivals with Kieron and Andy making the final.The team, made up of members from Burnley and Pendle, shared the £4,000 prize pot between them. Les’s dad, Bob, travelled as reserve with the team to Glasgow where the show was filmed.IT consultant Kieron (50) said: “We are all huge fans of the show, and many of us play in local pub quiz teams, so we decided to give it a go.“It was a huge honour to beat the Eggheads who really are a superb set of quizzers. More challengers have lost to them than won over the last 14 years.“We actually filmed it back in June, but had to keep quiet about our victory until the show was broadcast last week.“Although the show only lasts for half an hour it actually took more than two hours to film. Although we were in a studio luckily there was no audience as it was quite nerve-wracking at first.”The team fielded questions on geography, science, sport, television and films.Kieron, who took on former Mastermind winner Christopher Hughes in the final round on sport, had a stroke of luck with one question.The Clarets fan was asked which non-league club became the first since 1913–14 to reach the FA Cup quarter-finals.Kieron added: “The answer of course was Lincoln City. Luckily, or unluckily I was at the match on the Turf last season! Speaking of football, our tactic was always to go first, like you would in a penalty shootout.”

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