Britons prepare to eat 25,000,000 turkey sandwiches after Christmas

This year, thrifty Brits are gearing up to make over 25 million sandwiches from their Christmas turkey leftovers.

This stockpile of sarnies would be enough, if laid end to end, to reach from London to beyond the North Pole. These findings, from a survey by Indian food brand Patak’s, highlight the need for Brits to get some inspiration when it comes to cooking up a turkey-based treat on Boxing Day. One in three of us (74.9%) claims to know what to do with turkey leftovers, but the results of what we make, show we are stuck in a turkey sandwich rut.

Patak’s is coming to the rescue of uninspired cooks nationwide with glad tidings of a new Turkey Curry sauce designed to spice up lifeless leftovers and put the punch back into Boxing Day lunch.

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The Patak’s survey found 63% of Brits always have leftover turkey after Christmas Day lunch. The good news is very few of these leftovers are going to waste as 64% of resourceful Britons do not let any of their excess turkey get thrown away. Economical Brits’ other leftover favourite recipes include turkey curry (20%), turkey salad (7.8%), turkey stew (5%) and turkey soup (3.5%).

The results also showed that, despite the credit crunch, generous Brits are splashing out to treat friends and family over the festive period, with a quarter of us planning to spend between £21 and £30 for a bird, while 8% of the nation plan to really flash the cash by spending up to £50.

The survey of 2,000 people across the UK was carried out by Patak’s to celebrate the launch of its new limited edition Turkey Curry sauce. A delicious mild and fruity curry sauce that can be added to turkey to make a mouth-watering curry from Christmas left-overs in just 10 minutes allowing families to focus on spending time together rather than cooking.

For more information on the full Patak’s range and a host of delicious Indian recipes and meal ideas, visit

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