Britain's '˜dogging' capital revealed - Lancashire leapfrogs Surrey to summit

Tough Northerners are braving the cold to make Lancashire the hottest place in the country - for raunchy outdoor sex.

Scores of horny locals are flocking to places like Ramsbottom and the Ribble Valley to engage in kinky dogging - making it the top destination in the country for al fresco fornication.

Police in Surrey, the former busiest dogging county, say public sex statistics have halved in the leafy Home County since news broke last September about the 93 different locations used for steamy late-night liasons.

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But in a longstanding crackdown on “public sex environments” Surrey Police revealed the figure has halved to just 39.

In 2016 there were 93 known locations in leafy Surrey including 16 in Guildford, seven in Woking and ten in Elmbridge.

Local campaigner Jules Perkins worked with her parish council in Puttenham, Surrey, to tackle the perverts who were meeting in a lay-by near an infant school.

She said: “We have worked long and hard and it has improved enormously.

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“We have so many young people and families living in the village and things have improved so much, they are no longer walking through the school playground.

“We made it publicly aware, we put it out there, it comes down to local communities putting pressure on county council saying we have to do something about this.”

Jules, who conducts regular patrols of her local hotspots, refused to comment on whether police had been doing enough to stop the perverts from occupying lay-bys, local commons and car parks.

She added: “I still do patrols and walk up their (to the lay-by) regularly.

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“The dogging is so promiscuous, they do not want the public knowing about it, I live in the village and have a dog and choose to walk there.

“It is still going on but it is no longer effecting the village but I’ve never seen the police up there.”

A Surrey Police spokesperson said: “Public Sex Environment (PSE) sites can be fluid and change from time to time depending on policing tactics and public response. We do not hold a list of these sites centrally.

“They are known locally by the neighbourhood teams who take responsibility for policing tactics for each site independently.

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“Where these sites are located is freely available on the internet although Surrey Police does not recommend or endorse the use of these websites.”

Surrey has since lost its crown to Lancashire which according to Swinging Heaven has 21,627 members taking advantage of 216 locations for public sex.

The North West county is home to a wide variety of traditions, including the World Black Pudding Throwing competition, which is held in Ramsbottom, and sees entrants from all over the world gather to toss sausages at Yorkshire puddings.

Second and third place are taken by Kent and Essex which combined have almost 400 public sex spots and 55,542 dogging members.

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A spokesperson for the popular dogging and swinging site said: “The site has been running for well over a decade and dogging is popular everywhere over the UK.

“Although Lancashire has the most locations i’m not sure it the most popular, you would have to go round each site and count.

“We give users the opportunity to upload the locations but we don’t monitor them. Users find them and chat about it themselves in the forum and do their thing.

“We do give guidelines on the site for people who go out dogging, but the activity itself is not illegal.”