Brierfield woman (35) found dead at home

A recovering drug addict died at home in Brierfield from an accidental drug and alcohol overdose.

Jacqueline Pratt (35) was found dead by her housemate Angus Gibson in the lounge chair of their home in Wood Street on February 27th.

An inquest at Burnley Coroner’s Court heard Miss Pratt had died from the combined effects of drugs and alcohol on her respiratory system.

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Toxicological tests showed the presence of methadone, alcohol, diazepam and mitrazapine in therapeutic levels but pathologist Dr Deepa Jacob said the combined synergistic effect of these had caused death.

The inquest heard Miss Pratt had been texting her friend Joseph Morton the night before her death in which she claimed she was planning to hurt herself with tablets.

However, the final text from her to Mr Morton had asked him to call her the following morning.

Deputy East Lancashire Coroner Mr Mark Williams said this ruled out any possible motive of suicide.

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A tearful Mr Gibson said: “She shouldn’t have died. She was trying to get off drugs and had been drinking that day, but no more than usual. This was just a cry for help.”

Recording a conclusion of a drug and alcohol related death, Mr Williams said: “I have to be sure beyond all reasonable doubt someone intends to take their own life and I don’t come close to being satisified in this case.

“Her last text message to Mr Morton is indicative of that.”