Brierfield peace vigil after Paris terror attacks

A Pendle vigil for peace and unity will be held in Brierfield on Friday night for those who have lost their lives in Paris and who are losing their lives on a daily basis throughout the world as a result of acts of terrorism.

The vigil, organised by local councillors, will be held at Brierfield Community Centre at 7pm and is open to all the people of Pendle regardless of gender, disability and faith.

Coun. Mohammad Hanif said he has been contacted by many residents across Pendle who want to show their solidarity with the people of Paris.

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He said: “It is important we show solidarity with victims of these savage attacks and all the atrocities that are happening across the world on a daily basis.

“These attacks could just as easily have happened in our area and to carry out such audacious and repeated attacks makes clear that those who oppose our values are convinced we lack the resolve to defend them.”

County Coun. Azhar Ali said: “There are those who want to create a climate of hate and division. We must not allow them to succeed. They are wrong. We now have a duty to make clear to all those who hate our freedom to discuss, to debate - you will never, ever, win.”

The vigil gives everybody the opportunity to have their say and remember the victims of terrorism through the lighting of candles and a minute’s silence.