Brierfield dad loses 11 stones in weight

Brierfield dad Alwyn Beckles has lost an amazing amount of weight over the past 16 months – he’s gone down from 24 stones to less than half of that.

Alwyn Beckles
Alwyn Beckles

Alwyn (44), from Burton Gardens, joined Slimming World in February last year, and since then his life-threatening waist has reduced from 54 inches to 34. It is an amazing achievement and has changed his lifestyle no end. Healthwise, he was Type 2 diabetic and is now no longer diabetic.

He has been named the Slimming World Nelson group’s Man of the Year and is entering the national competition.

Alwyn said: “I am indeed delighted – no one more supported than me for me to lose 11 and a half stones.”

Angela Fielden from Slimming World said: “Alwyn has followed the Slimming World Extra Easy plan, changing from eating pies, pastries and doughnuts to eating much more healthier fresh foods and changed his whole approach towards food.


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“He realised he needed to do something about his ever-increasing waistline when a close friend with the same lifestyle as his self died of a heart attack.”

Engineer Alwyn has two young children of his own and six step children, so it was time to do something about it in order to see his children grow up.