BLOG: ‘The Pennine 10K has got me back in the running habit’

IF you see a bright orange flash, almost a vision in lycra, it could well be someone in training for the Pennine Lancashire 10k in June.

That runner will not, however, be me.

If, on the other hand, you see someone hauling their 52-year-old frame around the local countryside while dramatically attired in a bright orange running jacket and luminous orange cross trainers, that runner could indeed be me.

I have always loved running. It can be a soulless and, at times, soul destroying hobby, but I have always loved pounding the pavements and trailing through the countryside.

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It has always been my idea of keeping fit. I have never cared much for swimming and always think everyone else it out to get me if I climb aboard a bike.

Gyms are places to use running machines if the weather is just not up to an outside run.

So fresh air and running have always been my thing.

I have been out of the habit for too long, forced out of action by an operation and a series of niggling injuries.

I tried to get back into the running habit last year – but found no inspiration in a year dogged by shocking weather.

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So early I the New Year, I decided to join a running club and get back into shape. Totally unbeknown to me at the time, the Express was already in talks about being official media partner for the Jane Tomlinson Pennine Lancashire 10k race in June.

To make any sense of my return to training, I had to have a target and a race right here on my doorstep was perfect.

I signed up instantly and, just last week, went as far as coming up with a training schedule of sorts for the remaining 13 weeks.

I decided to run for Pendleside Hospice, I charity I have supported in various over a number of years.

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And I have another challenge as well. Several of my Burnley Express colleagues are already in training of sorts for the June race. They are all at least two decades younger than me and some much younger than that.

But none of them will get round the course quicker than me! That is my new challenge – but if any of them does manage it, I will add an extra tenner to my hospice pot for each one who suddenly develops the ability to run!

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