Blackpool man crowned as Britain's ultimate La-Z-Boy

A Blackpool man has been named as Britain's Ultimate La-Z-Boy after his long-suffering partner nominated him in a competition searching for the UK's laziest layabout.

Sofa and carpet specialist, ScS launched the search after a study revealed that 82%1 of British men don’t make their own bed, and only 15% do their own ironing.

Fighting off more than 160 competitors, Joseph Townley, aged 33, from Poutton-Le-Fylde, Blackpool, has now taken the title as Britain’s Ultimate La-Z-Boy.

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Joseph was nominated by his wife, Jessica, aged 28, after she snapped a photo of him and their young son taking a nap together on the sofa. Jessica said: “I came home from work to find my husband fast asleep with our son! No washing done, clothes and toys over the floor... yet he thought he had time for a nap!”

The couple will now receive Netflix and takeaway vouchers to help them enjoy a relaxing night in together and a £1,500 voucher to spend on a sofa of their choice from ScS’s exclusive La-Z-boy department.

The second-place entry was submitted by disgruntled partner Zoe Altringham, from Hartlepool. She said: “You would think with me being 6 months pregnant, that I would be the one relaxing, laying on the sofa and having a snooze. Instead my other half is out for the count, snoring the afternoon away whilst I potter around doing housework.”

In third place is Rebecca Morgan’s partner from Dolgellau. She said: “He's not always lazy, but when he is, he really is. This is what I came home to after finishing work! He had the kids for a few hours, put them to bed then ‘relaxed’. Never mind about the housework eh?!”

Other shortlisted entries included everything; from gaming dads to cuddly pups and couch potatoes, all of which can be found in an online gallery here:

Lindsey Duncton, Marketing Manager at ScS, said: “After finding out more than 60 per cent of British women would describe their partner as lazy, we set out to find Britain’s Ultimate La-Z-Boy. We had a lot of fun looking through the entries and hope that Joseph and family will enjoy the comfy new addition to their home, and all get some time out to relax!”

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