Black Friday mayhem hits shops

Black Friday sales caused chaos at the Tesco store in Burnley as police were called after concerns about the behaviour of customers hunting for bargains.
Asda in Colne - Michelle Louise BrownAsda in Colne - Michelle Louise Brown
Asda in Colne - Michelle Louise Brown

Officers were called to the supermarket in Centenary Way as it opened its doors to hundreds of customers on one of the biggest shopping days of the year – boasting massive discounts on a range of goods.

Due to the sheer volume of customers who made their way to the Tesco, police were forced to close the store.

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A number of shoppers tweeted about fights breaking out over goods at the store but no arrests were made. Elena Dixon said: “Good, have you seen the photos of Burnley Tesco. Absolute mayhem. So bad that they had to close the shop.” Another tweeted: “Would be funny of all these items were even cheaper in the January sales haha.”

Originating in the US, Black Friday is becoming a major UK shopping day. Asda is another retailer offering huge discounts on its goods on Black Friday, however, it is believed the store is only allowing 20 customers at a time.

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