Binge drinker kicked victim in face in bar brawl

A convicted soccer hooligan seen kicking a man in the face while he was on the ground, had his own tooth in his hand when he was arrested, a court heard.

“Binge drinker” Sean Taggart (27) had been headbutted by the man in a bar after he paid a compliment, but it seemed to have been taken the wrong way.

Burnley magistrates were told how warehouse worker Taggart had been seen to punch the man in the face, knocking him to the floor, in the town centre. He then kicked the man. The man, who ended up covered in blood, did not report it to the police.

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Taggart, whose record a district judge said was littered with public order offences, was jailed for 60 days and given a six -year football banning order in September 2013, after a street brawl.

He admitted using threatening, abusive, or insulting words or behaviour on March 5th. Taggart, of Villiers Street, Burnley, received eight weeks in prison, suspended for a year, with 200 hours unpaid work and must pay £85 costs and an £80 victim surcharge.

District Judge Alexandra Simmonds told the defendant what he had done was extremely serious. She said he was “on the brink of custody,” but she would draw back because of his remorse and current situation.

Dylan Bradshaw, in mitigation, said the man had knocked Taggart’s tooth out in a bar. He was composing himself outside when the man approached him a second time, having been ejected from the premises. He believed he might be assaulted and lashed out. He said Taggart had not found prison pleasant and was fearful of the consequences.

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