Appeal after dogs dumped in woodland

Two dogs had a lucky escape after being found abandoned and tied to trees.

The RSPCA were called and found two mastiff type dogs tied separately to two trees opposite a lay-by which is a popular dog walking area in Back Lane, Read.

The dogs had extendable leads attached to collars and the leads were wrapped around the trees and tied.

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One is a male called Lewis, the other is a female name unknown.

RSPCA inspector Natalie Taylor said: “It is unknown why these dogs were dumped, but RSPCA is investigating.

“They would have been dumped around 4 to 5pm on Thursday August 4th. These two dogs should be easily recognised.

“Please anyone who has any information please call our 24/7 national control centre on 0300 1234 999 and quote 2349/04/08/16.

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“Luckily, these dogs have been rescued by the RSPCA and with the help of some locals the dogs were placed in the van and taken to safety, but this could have been a very different outcome.”