Anger after callous yobs shoot and kill kitten in Briercliffe

A devastated Briercliffe man has spoken of his disgusted after his nine-month old kitten was shot and killed with an air rifle.


Mr Chris Mason, who lives at Stone Edge, off Halifax Road, told the Express how family pet Milo returned to their home with a serious injury on Sunday morning, after being out of the house for just half an hour.

Despite rushing Milo to the vets, the cat sadly died several hours later when it was discovered he had been shot by a pellt from an air rifle.

Mr Mason, who put out an appeal on Facebook, has discovered as a result that a number of cats have gone missing recently in the Briercliffe and Harle Syke area.

He said: "I can't comprehend why anyone would such a thing. My wife Karen and I were devastated at first, but we're now angry too. I would seriously like to find whoever has done this.


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"We let Milo out of the house about 9am on Sunday and he returned with the injury about half an hour later. At first we thought he'd been knocked down, but the vets said he had been shot in his back end. I can't get my head around it.

"Since I put the appeal on Facebook, a number of people in the area have said their cats have gone missing. A neighbour has told me his cat was also shot last year."

Mr Mason has contacted the police about the incident.

He added: "We bought Milo with his brother Ollie six months ago. He seems lost without him and has only just started going out again. I hope whoever has done this is caught and dealt with soon."