Andrew hits back at ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judges

A self-styled “male diva” from Padiham has hit back at celebrity Britain’s Got Talent judges after his “harsh” exit from the show.
Andrew DerbyshireAndrew Derbyshire
Andrew Derbyshire

Singer Andrew Derbyshire was slated by the star-studded panel of judges for his performance of Beyonce’s “Listen” in the live semi-final of the hit ITV talent show.

The 31-year-old’s performance was slammed as “shaky and pitchy” by pop star Alesha Dixon and actress Amanda Holden said there were moments when the song “sounded like Tarzan.”

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But Andrew, who appeared on Pop Idol alongside Will Young and Gareth Gates a decade ago, hit back at the two judges, saying:

“I kept a dignified silence in front of 12 million people. I just didn’t even attempt to answer back.

“But when I thought about it – who is Amanda to judge anyone? I have seen her in musicals and she is appalling.

“So for her to give feedback I would not waste any time taking it on board.”

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Simon Cowell told him the performance sounded like he was “being strangled” on the show and said he believed Andrew had blown his chance of a place in the grand final before the public vote.

The West End star, who appeared in We Will Rock You, said: “I was a little bit shocked at the reaction. It was harsh and it just felt very scripted.

“They asked me to tone it down with the flamboyant performances – I just don’t think I would have won either way.

“If I had done something big and extravagant they would have just said that it was too cabaret.

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“Everyone said they loved it. Everyone has been absolutely positive and lovely – so it was very odd to get those comments out of nowhere.

“I didn’t really take on board what they gave me anyway.

“But it is what it is. It is a gameshow.”

Andrew, who grew up in Padiham and moved to London as a teenager to follow his dream of stardom, said he had enjoyed every minute of his Britain’s Got Talent journey.

“Everyone has been lovely – especially people up north. People don’t agree with what has been said.

“I have had a lot of professional jobs. I am a little bit stronger than most people who go in for the show.

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“For me it is a job – a gig. So if it can show my face a little bit more then great.

“It is a shame I won’t be performing for the Queen.

“I really want to do some gigs up north where I will be performing my diva songs and people can watch me perform live.”