A warm welcome dinner to refugees and asylum seekers

The hand of friendship was extended to asylum seekers and refugees from trouble spots around the world at a community meal in Brierfield.

The event, organised by Burnley and Pendle Friends League in co-operation with St Luke’s Church, Brierfield, was a welcome friendly meal for families from Syria, Iraq, Congo, Albania and many other troubled areas of the world who had previously suffered traumatic experiences before seeking refuge in Burnley and Pendle.

Other guests at the meal in St Luke’s Church Hall, St James Street, Brierfield, included individuals who are engaged with and offering humanitarian support to help the families settle comfortably.

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The purpose was to bring together everyone who would otherwise not necessarily come together to get to know each other, network and build friendships over a meal celebrating the Christmas seasons and the new year.

The meal began with a warm welcome and introductions from the Secretary of BPFL, former Burnley councillor Mozaquir Ali, and thanksgiving prayers led by Rev. Stephen Adezanya of St Cuthbert and St Luke’s Churches, and Fyzan Faisal.

Mr Ali said: “It was an excellent celebration of Christmas season and the new year with our new neighbours and friends. Everyone enjoyed the shared meal together, building networks and friendship.”

Saghir Ahmed, the chairman of BPFL said: “We wanted to extend a hand of friendship to all our new neighbours in the two boroughs making them feel at home.”