153 people caught drink-driving over Xmas

More than 150 people were caught drink driving by Lancashire Constabulary’s Christmas drink drive campaign.
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A total of 5,012 breath tests were conducted in December, with 153 people failing the test and four refusing it.

The annual crackdown on drink driving saw high profile activity take place across the county, but this year officers adopted a different approach.

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Superintendent Jon Puttock said: “This year’s Christmas drink drive campaign saw us adopt a more targeted, intelligence led approach. As a result, we carried out fewer breath tests than in previous years, meaning it is difficult to make any direct comparisons.

“But what we would say is that 153 people caught drink driving is 153 people too many. People who choose to drink and drive not only put their own lives in serious danger, but the lives of everyone around them.

“We will continue to carry out regular enforcement activity and take action against those who continue to break the law.”

Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw said: “Every single one of Lancashire’s residents should recognise the dangers of getting behind the wheel after drinking – whether it is the same night or the morning after. I’m delighted the Constabulary’s targeted approach has led to people who should not be on the roads being caught, but I am disappointed the message is still failing to get through to so many people.”