Women step away from traditional bikini hair styles

‘Short back and sides’ and ’minimalist’ are among the weird and wonderful names women are using to describe the styles of their bikini lines, a study has found.

Researchers found women are ‘personalising’ their styles amid confusion over exactly what traditional styles such as a ‘Brazilian’ actually looks like.

Other terms women find baffling are the ‘landing strip’ and the ‘Bermuda Triangle’, according to the poll.

It also emerged despite 15 per cent stating they maintain their bikini style design because “everyone else does”, more than two thirds do so “because they want to”, not because they feel they have to.

Adam Boulding, Scientific Communications Manager at Venus, which commissioned the study of 2,000 women, said: “Naturally, body grooming is ever-evolving.

‘’Women now choose to sport all kinds of varying bikini looks, which makes them feel like themselves.”

The study also found around half of women feel ‘confident’ with the style they have chosen for their pubic hair.

It also emerged 96 per cent of women have styled their bikini line at one point or another, and many are redefining their look, according to the data.

The poll of women aged 18 to 35 commissioned by female hair removal brand Venus also revealed bikini area style preferences in the UK are notably varied.

There are some reservations around talking about the topic, with one in five feeling slightly embarrassed.

However, over half of women surveyed say they are actually very open-minded when it comes to discussing their bikini line.

Of those who aren’t too embarrassed, 13 per cent talk to their sister about their grooming habits, whilst it appears female friends are the most popular port of call for discussing the subject and sharing advice.

Twenty-one per cent will get their information from online women’s blogs and just 15 per cent from beauticians.

Just seven per cent cover the subject regularly in conversation, and over one third even admitted to lying about their ‘style’, insinuating they went for a particular look when they didn’t.

Although some women are shy to discuss the subject, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy talking about it, with 52 per cent approaching the topic with a sense of humour.

Also interestingly, women who choose to remove hair in their bikini area in some way do so for a number of occasions, with 48 per cent ‘grooming’ before a medical appointment.

One quarter have even had a ‘touch up’ before they are due to give birth, and 15 per cent even admitted to tidying themselves in preparation for a bikini wax.

It’s no surprise that some women prioritise their bikini area grooming more during summer versus other seasons, although some women consistently maintain their bikini area styling and grooming habits whatever the time of year – 34 per cent in fact.

However, one in 10 agreed keeping on top of your bikini area grooming is one of the most difficult things about summertime, above heat rash and prickly heat.

Skincare expert and ambassador for Venus, Dr Anita Sturnham, added: “The research reveals that many women are embracing their unique style preferences and are stepping away from more traditional salon-inspired looks; so it’s about finding products and techniques that work for you as an individual. ‘’

The latest launches from Venus, the ComfortGlide Vanilla Crème and the Bikini Trimmer, are expertly and intuitively designed for women; delivering comfortable and effective results when taming and maintaining their bikini area at-home.”