Travel review: PodCase

It is hard to try and convince little people to take responsibility for their own clothes and toys when they are all excited about going on holiday.

Over the years, there have been lots of suitcase for the smaller traveller, but none of them are perfect, most look cool, but don’t have much room to store the all important items.

Suffolk mum Jo Kerley is sure she has the answer. She invented the PodCase, a hard wearing suitcase on wheels which is cabin sized and is ideal for children to use.

Its fun too as the cases which comes in popping purple, sonic blue, groovy green and winter white can be customised by their owner.


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Stickers for all ages and tastes come with the case, from cute pets to football, to keep the boys and girls happy, along with sticker numbers and letters to make the case extra special.

And you can chose an interchangeable board game too which slots into the case in an entertainment pod. The cases are priced at £69.99 and via the online shop you can make sure the small person has a unique piece of luggage.

Once the case is looking good, you can remove Pod from the front and use it as a play tray or work desk, with a secure pocket for a tablet, plus room for extra games.

The cases have a one year warranty and after all that hard work making sure it looks good, the mini traveller just needs the right destination to show it off!


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