Travel Review: Mush Frio Lace Canvas Trainers

MY feet are officially in love! They get a raw deal really. I make them work hard and with little reward.

Until now.. when my feet met Mush Frio Lace Canvas Trainers, it was literally love at first sight. Not only do they look trendy, all pink and vibrant, but when you walk, its like you are on air!

Designed by the experts at Teva, these trainers really are worth every penny. From the Mush Flyweights Collection, they are just that.

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The designers have used the flip flop theory to create trainers which are light weight and bendy, so you can fit lots and lots of them in your suitcase.

And that means, all year round your feet can glide and have fun!

Mush Frio Lace Canvas Trainers, £44 from See technical details and a cool video via