Toy review: Aira’s Pegasus Sleigh by LEGO

There’s nothing like a child’s imagination to help spread a little magic . And if it’s good for the brain too, then parents everywhere will be happy.

Flora (5) used to watch in awe as her elder brother Ruaridh (8) used LEGO® to create some weird and wonderful creations. And now she has been bitten by the brick bug. And do we mind, no! – because experts say that the brightly coloured pieces are excellent in helping children develop and allow them to learn through play.

So with that in mind, Flora was only too happy to let her imagination go wild and try out Aira’s Pegasus Sleigh, released just in time for everyone to enjoy as autumn starts to take a grip.

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Aira is a magic elf and joined by her pint-sized friends, Azari, Farran and Naida, she sets off on her adventures via two new LEGO® Elves sets, Aira’s Pegasus Sleigh and Skyra’s Mysterious Sky Castle (£74.99). The elves are continuing on their epic journey to help Emily Jones, who has found herself transported to the beautiful land of Elvendale. The small creatures are trying to get Emily back to her world and have lots of riddles and puzzles to solve before they can do just that.

Flora was enthralled by Aira’s Pegasus Sleigh, the tongue was stuck out sideways as concentration called as she built the sleigh with the help of Aira, the wind elf, of course!. And then it was up, up and away and with Starshine and Rufus, the flying horses, at the helm, the sleigh was soon in fantasy land and the elves working hard to find the magic key needed to send Emily home.

The set which features two elves mini dolls, a baby dragon and two Pegasi , as well as lots of accessories, from cookies to fish, signposts and a wind key, follows on from the original five sets which were launched in March.

Flora soon had the treasure chest filled with cookies for the journey and then she followed the map with Aira and Azari Firedance, the fire elf to a windmill in the sky. Miku the dragon had the all important key and it was up to Flora and her magical friends to grab it and quick!

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With cookies waved in Miku’s face to distract the dragon, the elves soon grab the key and released Emily – meanwhile it took a little while longer for Flora to come down to earth, but when she did she had a huge smile on her face – thanks LEGO® - job done!

Aira’s Pegasus Sleigh by LEGO®, £34.99, for more information on stockists and other great ideas, log onto

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