Clothing review: SmartWool PhD® Run sock

Running seems to be growing in popularity as Britain tries to shed off the weight of being one of the world’s fattest nations.

And with the feet being the main equipment, you need to treat them with care. Who would have thought that the simple sock could aid you in your quest for fitness.

Hours of technology and testing have gone into producting the new SmartWool PhD® Run sock, made from the beautifully soft Merino wool and designed to help the runner move more efficiently and comfortably than before.

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The socks have been made to manage moisture, with extensive thermal research pinpointing where the cushion is put on the sock and to minimise friction too.

And it’s the women runners who are benefitting the most, in the past the socks have just been a smaller version of the men’s, but this latest product feature the first-ever women’s specific fit with a smaller heel pocket and toe box that enhance a tapered construction.

Performance orientated athletes can also enhance their running with the collection’s light elite cushion options which provide maximum protection, so you can pick up speed and hit the target, quicker, safer and in more comfort!

SmartWool PhD® Run sock, new for Spring 2015 and including the first ever sock designed just for female runners, check out: