Tiny dancing duo steal the show

Two fearless four year-olds melted hearts to win over an audience of around 400 people when a Burnley and Colne dance school gave its first ever independent show.

Monday, 17th July 2017, 12:06 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:31 am
Ava and Kendall Jackson (four) from the Burnley studio. (s)

Choreographer Helen Cheung was inundated on Facebook with praise from audience members following the production of One Night Only by Encore Dance School, featuring adorable duo Ava and Kendall Jackson.

“They all did brilliantly,” she said. “The four year-olds stole hearts but the highlight for me was when our primary modern class had the audience in fits of giggles as they added bottom wiggles into the choreography.”

In a whirl of talent, more than 100 children plus adult dancers, some in their fifties, pirouetted across the stage last fortnight.

“The dance numbers [by pupils aged four to six] received the biggest reaction,” said Helen. “As soon as the lights came on you could hear ‘ahhhh’ from the audience. The children were so excited when they came off stage - it was wonderful to see.

“At the end of the performance, many parents told me they’d had tears in their eyes while watching them. One told me how it was marvellous to watch her daughter’s dancing improve so much.”

Only 10 seats were left unfilled at Colne’s Pendle Hippodrome Theatre when the medley of street, tap, jazz, ballet, musical theatre and acrobatics exploded into action to celebrate the school’s four years in business.

“So many parents have been congratulating us on the show,” Helen added.

“Because they’re so young, the littlest ones were full of courage - they were more mesmerised by all the outfits.

“It was fantastic to see all the performers show so much confidence and it was great for the children to have had the chance to dance in front of hundreds of people.”

“I’m immensely proud of all them - we have such talented young people in Burnley and Colne.”