‘They were a group of very good lads’; former Sheffield football player remembers time with local club

Over fifty years ago, a group of young men in their twenties who all lived on the same street decided to create a football team.

By Rochelle Barrand
Saturday, 13th April 2019, 8:00 am
Arbourthorne EA Football 1964 - 1965
Arbourthorne EA Football 1964 - 1965

The photo above shows the Arbouthrone EA football team, 1964 to 1965.

One of the team members Brian Whitham, who is crouched on the front row second from right, remembers the time fondly.

“The name was EA because all of the lads lived on Eastern Avenue. We used to kick a football about together on the field at the side of the road, that’s how the team started. We played together for a good few years.”

Brian Whitham, aged 81, of Sheffield - a former member of Arbourthorne EA football club.

Brian is now aged 81, but he still keeps in touch with some of those he played football with around 54 years ago.

“There’s one or two missing now, of course, but I still keep in touch with members of the team. Every time I see them, they’ve kept asking me if I’ve managed to get the photo in the Star retro pages yet so I’m hoping they’ll be happy when they see this.”

Brian said that he had lots of happy memories of playing on the team, and his fellow team members.

“They were a group of very good lads,” he smiled, “ we had some good times together.

“Brian Slater was on Sheffield Wednesday’s books at one time and Pete Saville always wore a beret.

“We played together for a few seasons, but then people started to get married and start families and, as happens, we went our separate ways.”

Back row, left to right, are Billy Furnace, Terry Wheatly, Ron Bond, Alan Metcalf, Pete Saville and Brian Slater.

Front row, left to right, are Barry Cawthorme, Mick Fitzpatrick, Brian Ford, Brian Whitham and Alan Roebuck.

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