Super-slimmer Tracey shares weight loss tips

Tracey Walker afterTracey Walker after
Tracey Walker after
Teaching assistant Tracey Walker is jumping for joy after losing four stones.

Mum Tracey, who lives in Trawden, intends to go sky diving to celebrate her husband Daren’s 50th birthday, and is also out to spread the word about how to shed unwanted pounds.

Her busy life at Lord Street County Primary School in Colne and as leader of 4th Colne Christ Church Guide group took a turn when her health started to deteriorate, and when last year’s unflattering holiday snaps were revealed she decided something had to be done.

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“I was obese and trying to ignore it. I needed to find my willpower and quick,” she said.

Tracey Walker beforeTracey Walker before
Tracey Walker before

Tracey readily admits she had always been a larger lady. She was a size 18 when she and Daren married 19 years ago, and always thought she would be the same.

By the time she was in her early 40s she was suffering from recurrent bouts of indigestion, hip pain and stress incontinence. She was 14st. 9lb. and size 20 she knew it was time to get healthy. At the time she frequently missed breakfast and grabbed a coffee at work. Now she eats three meals a day and snacks on fruit.

Last September Tracey (44) joined a slimming group in Colne. “I went alone to my first meeting because I didn’t want to rely on anyone else. I had to do it for me,” she said. It took her nine months to reach her target weight, a size 12.

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“I’m doing cartwheels inside. My husband once said ‘you can’t eat all that on your diet’, but I told him I’m not on a diet it’s a new lifestyle,” she said.

She still enjoys a few glasses of whisky, the odd curry with friends and can spot the healthy option of a menu. If she over-indulges she gets back on track the next day.

Tracey has retired as a Guide Leader after nine years to become a Slimming World consultant. Her classes begin in Trawden on Wednesday, October 14th. Her top tips for would-be slimmers are: 1, Give your willpower a go, you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve; 2, Do not give up. Draw a line under a bad day and start again the next; 3, Join a group and stay to the meeting. If you are having a good week, the group needs you. If you are having a bad week, you need the group; 4, Plan each day’s meals the night before. Preparation is key.

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